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Venturing Skills Requirements

Venturing Skills Award badge

  1. Bushwalking
  2. Prior to participation in, and completing, a two-day bushwalking expedition demonstrate the following:
    Be assessed in the above skills by the Expedition Leader

  3. First Aid
  4. (To be completed before the bushwalking expedition).

  5. Award Scheme
  6. Be able to explain the Award Scheme and list those activities which the Venturer Scout may choose to undertake to achieve the Queen's Scout Award.

  7. Approval of Unit Council
To some prospective Venturer Scouts, these requirements may seem simple. To others, they represent new and untried experiences. All of us can remember some aspects of outdoor activities that were absolutely miserable: for example, hiking with an overloaded pack, taking the wrong food, and tents that collapsed.

Earning Venturing Skills is a great way to discover what is required on outdoor expeditions so every Venturer can enjoy these activities for a long time to come.

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